Mindful Market and Healers Temple 5/8

MayMay 08 2018 11:30am - 06:00pm

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Inner Temple hosts a weekly market and healing temple at Eve Encinitas! Come Cultivate Community Culture.

Our Theme This Week :: AMENOUZUME, The Japanese celestial Goddess of dance.
"In Japanese mythology, Amenouzume performed a spontaneous dance enticing the sun goddess Amaterasu out of the cave in which she had secluded herself and had thus deprived the world of light. Her inspired cries and divine dancing, in the course of which she exposed herself, so delighted the assembled gods that they roared in laughter, thus awakening the curiosity of the sun goddess."


We have artisans featuring their products and crafts 11:30am-6pm
and Practitioners offering services from 12-6pm

This is a FREE event to attend! Come by ready to be Transformed: shop, grab food with friends, network, and enjoy alternative health services like massage, vitamin injections, sound healing, psychic readings, and more! Immerse yourself in love and be surrounded by a community that cares.

Our mission is to create a space of peace where you are free to express your fully authentic Self. We create an environment that is supportive of your path to your greatest self. An environment filled with offerings to upgrade your wellBeing and elevate your consciousness. We are loving this opportunity to create this unique event and we hope you join us on this magical journey.

This week you can expect to see....


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