The Benefits of Coworking for the Digital Nomad

Coastal San Diego is home to a plethora of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, coaches and digital nomads who are breaking norms around traditional workspaces. Working from home or at a coffee shop outside the restraints of a normal 9-5 office job may sound dreamy, but solo-preneurs can face challenges such as isolation, distraction, lack of accountability and support.

That is where Cowork Spaces come in to fill a niche in the digital nomad marketplace. As a member of Experience Tribe you can receive discounts on Cowork rental spaces like Union Cowork in Encinitas!

Coworking is a solution where freelancers can be involved in a shared work environment that provides the facilities of a modern office while people work independently on their own projects. Unlike a coffee shop where you have to fight for table space, power supplies and wifi bandwidth, professional Cowork Space sets you up for success as an independent contractor or business owner while indulging in the social benefits of working alongside peers.

Benefits of Coworking
Union Cowork in Encinitas offers a 10% discount to Experience Tribe members

Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits of the Coworking lifestyle:

  • Separate Work Life from Home Life: It’s easy to get distracted when you work from home with chores, family interactions or that comfortable couch begging you to turn on the TV for some Netflix-n-Chill. And without clocking out, there is no end to your workday when your office is in your kitchen or bedroom.
  • Reduce Costs for Office & Conference Space Rentals: Most Cowork spaces offer variable monthly packages to serve your changing needs. From a simple membership which will give you access to community work areas to semi-private offices and conference rooms, your business can grow without the added overhead or commitment of a traditional office space.
  • Coworking creates community
    Coworking Creates Community

    Avoid Loneliness and Tap into Community: The isolation of working alone can effect your mood and outlook on life. With Coworking, you can grab a smile across the room, share a new idea on your coffee break, and be inspired by the productivity and ideas of others.

  • Networking and Mentoring Opportunities: Coworking will boost your networking possibilities and help you find new leads for customers, suppliers or even business partners. Plus you have access to both fresh and veteran minds for mentoring opportunities.
  • A New Social Life & Community with Other Entrepreneurs: Some of the fun perks of your office job, such as office parties, happy hour with the staff and meeting new friends, can be met by a Cowork environment. Many spaces offer community mixers, holiday parties, and after work events for members to fill that gap. Plus you never know who you might meet at the beverage bar?

OFFER: Save On Coworking and Event Space Rentals as a Member of Experience Tribe

Cowork Spaces are popping up all over San Diego County. Here are some that are excited to support the Experience Tribe community to help you bring your business dreams into reality by providing discounts to Tribe members on cowork space and event venue rentals.

  1. Union Cowork recently opened an impressive new office space in downtown Encinitas. This state of the art facility is open 24/7 and provides high speed internet, indoor and outdoor workspaces, a beverage bar with local tea, coffee, kombucha and craft beers on tap, perks for bicyclers and commuters, conference rooms and event space rentals… you can even bring your pet to work! Experience Tribe Members can receive 10% off monthly membership packages and 20% off event space rentals at Union Cowork Encinitas.
  2. Guild Venue 101, sitting atop Patagonia in Cardiff by the Sea in a historic building with ocean views, offers a vibe like none other. With spacious rooms to host your events and an incredibly helpful staff, you can’t go wrong. And they are offering 10% off daily rentals and event space rentals to Experience Tribe Members so you can take some of the burden off the expenses of hosting events and workshops.
  3. Station Co-Lab in Carlsbad has created an incredible healing space with wide open spaces to hold workshops and events. They generously offer Tribe Members 10% Event Space Rental (as well as all of the other healing services they provide). From monthly fitness and wellness memberships to cutting edge workshops and weekend immersions, The Station is bringing holistic wellness to the mainstream. 

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