Throughout the evolution of our community, a series of deeply held beliefs and values have become the backbone of how we show up and interact with each other. There was no leadership meeting or community vote to define them – they evolved organically and have been widely adopted wholeheartedly.

As you integrate into Experience Tribe, you’ll often hear these phrases repeated or see these remarkable concepts in action. Like the human spine, these beliefs provide our core stability and are the very reason we can stand tall. Our community doesn’t flow out into the world with a stooped posture. We sing and dance with flexible radiance as we meet others in life and show that while joy comes from within, it is amplified and elevated by the power of community.

Everyone is welcome to join our tribe under the agreement that our code is contemplated often and honored. The power of the many who embrace the ubiquity of these beliefs create a beautiful and abundant amount of love and influence within that overflows into the world.

#1. Acceptance

We welcome others.  People with different religions, ethnicities, beliefs, backgrounds and bodies.  We celebrate diversity as it brings so much richness to our lives.  We also seek to accept and integrate all parts of ourselves into a rich wholeness. We find that the more we accept all of our own facets of humanity- the easier it is to do with others and the world.

#2. Give more than you get

One of our deeply held beliefs within the Tribe is to give more than you get. In this approach, there’s always someone willing to try to be of help to anyone without asking that deleterious question “what’s in it for me?” You’ll rarely hear that question asked within the Community – rather it’s, “how can I be helpful?” As we meet more and more people who are engaging with the Conscious Community, we often hear how easy it is to engage with people within our tribe, and how good karma flows freely. This is “give more than you get” at work.

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#3. Live a “fuck yes” life: Speak your “No” and honor others “No”

We love our life! And we support each other living a “fuck yes” lifestyle that we are all totally stoked about.  Every one of our choices matter. We love hearing people say “No”.  It helps us trust and celebrate their “Yes’s”.  Knowing that people are taking care of themselves is vital.  If you are asked anything you are not a full yes too, say “no”.  A response you will probably hear from time to time when you say no is “thank you for taking care of yourself.” After all, every time we know and honor our no’s it means we are getting closer to our “fuck yes”!

#4. Seek to understand rather than judge ( cultivate compassion)

Everybody is rude a few times in their life.  We seek to understand what is going on rather than judge.  A simple question “hey are you doing ok?” or “I noticed you seem upset, what’s going on for you?” can go a long way to supporting each other when one of us is having a bad day.

#5. Clean up your shit

In a tribe, shit comes up.  We navigate such a large interconnected environment by having “clearing” conversations when things come up.  If you were wrong, promptly admit it.  If you felt wronged, with compassion, let the other person know.  We avoid gossip and spite by simply staying dedicated to being in good relation (or at least neutral) with those around us.  Also… please clean up after yourselves 🙂

#6. Integrity and Alignment

This is a big one for our tribe.  Honesty, following through on your commitments, being authentic, staying true to YOUR beliefs and having your actions meet your words.  We all support each other and lovingly hold each other accountable to living a life of integrity and alignment.

#7. Growth

We are committed to always bettering ourselves.  All of us are on a journey in life and we honor the journey over the destination.