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Ariel Lange

Experience Tribe Discount: 20%
Business Name: Ariel Lange
Health and Wealth Coach with Green Living Products and Essential Oils.
Creator of Aroma Meditation.  Author of  "Aromatherapy Oils For Meditation: A Guide to the Spiritual Uses of Fragrant Essential Oils" and"Aroma Meditations: Awaken Your Healing and Inner Peace" both available on Amazon.  

Speaker and Presenter on "Aromatherapy Healing," "Aroma Meditation," and "Healing Movement Meditations to Transform Your Body and Connect with Your Tribe"

Rae Irelan

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- Solo Musician/Performer - Transformational Voice, Music, Dance, Yoga & Performance Coach - Songwriter - Sound Healing - Creative Business Consulting. Rae Irelan is a creator who uses musical performance to touch hearts and inspire people to live at their highest potential, dream big, and create their vision of a sustainable and connected world. She blends cultural influences from around the world, sacred instruments, healing modalities, improvised contemporary and world-inspired movement and dance, and original songs into a unique performance experience. She also enjoys jumping on the other side of entertainment, by producing events, gatherings, and festivals to showcase artists and entrepreneur’s work through promote art appreciation and community.

IzaBelle Sweet

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Business Name: Co-Counseling California
Quantum Healer
Past Life Regression
Current Life Regression
Shadow Work
Holding Space
Mind-Body-Spirit Reiki
I create a safe space for free and radical expression of any and all emotions to be released from the body! Accessing your higher self to recall past lives or experiences in this current life to lovingly support and encourage personal healing.
I give tools for you to do your own work and healing, as well as nurture and support you when you feel stuck or repeating a pattern or life experience that may need additional guidance.

Samuel John

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Business Name: Samuel John Metaphysical Healing
Phone: +19179727166

Samuel Tellam is an innovative body mind practitioner, with over 15 years experience.  . As a young boy Samuel was given an incredible insight into the process of rehabilitation and the traditional Celtic healing practice of his home through his own physical challenges. This early fascination drove him to a life passionately dedicated to well being and eventually to his own highly acclaimed work.   Over time he has built up exstensive knowledge in Spinal Therapy, Pilates, Reiki, Massage, Breath Work, Meditation, Music Therapy, Yoga, Chi Gong and Surfing.  Samuel's own practice has helped a large number of people across the globe to overcome pain and restore 'whole life balance'.

Amber St. Germain

Experience Tribe Discount: 10%
Business Name: Transformational Life Empowerment Coaching and Goddess Empowerment Academy

I'm a Therapist MFT, Systemic Constellations and Somatic Therapist, Tantra Teacher, and Coach and lead a Goddess Empowerment Academy and Feminine Sensual Empowerment Coaching Certification. I also teach Tantric Yoga and Dance. My Therapeutic Work incorporates Deep Archetypal Psychology ™, Embodied Dreamwork, Sand Tray or Altar Work, and Ancestral Therapy ™ including Lineage Genograms or Family Tree work based on Hellinger Systemic Family Constellations. I assist single people in the realms of dating, exploring polyamory, and manifesting their Life Partner and Soulmate and supports individuals and couples in the realms of Tantra, sexuality, monogamy, and open relationship from a therapeutic Attachment and Bonding perspective.